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Expat family in Romania

By Dana Lev

Expat family in Romania

By Dana Lev

Dana Lev

Expat family in Romania

Active since: 2017

Life as an expat can be complicated but also interesting, it gets more challenging when you have kids that move with you from one country to the other.
Our way of handing this special life challenge is by travelling and sightseeing as much as we can.
If you want to get to know expats life in Romania or looking for kids attractions and travel trips around Romania and the countries in the area – This is the Blog for you. stay, read, enjoy, travel :)

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I am...

I am an expat woman. After tasting the Brazilian Capirinha, visiting Patagonia in Argentina and enjoying Russian museums, I am currently living in Romania. traveling and experiencing it.

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I write about our life experience in Romania, about our trips in East Europe and my experiences as am expat woman.

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My Audience

My readers are interested to move to Romania or visit with their families, looking for Info about expatriation or traveling with kids.

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