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Francophiles Anonymous

By Zvi Chazanov

Francophiles Anonymous

By Zvi Chazanov

Zvi Chazanov

Francophiles Anonymous

Active since: 2013


Francophiles Anonymous was launched in 2013 and soon became Israel’s leading French tourism and culture blog. The blog contains recommendations, itineraries and other useful information for people who plan their vacation in France.

Since I moved to Malta in 2018 and fell in love with its history and culture I have decided to write about this lovely island as well.

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I am...

I’ve been passionate about France and its culture since childhood. I’ve stopped counting the number of times I visited France and when I don’t travel there, I read, write and dream about it.

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I write about

France (tourism and culture) and lately I've started writing about Malta

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My Audience

Either people who plan their trip to France or Malta or people who are interested in French culture (history, art, food, music, etc.)

Places I covered

Available collabs.

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