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Gal Meets World

By Gal Zuta

Gal Meets World

By Gal Zuta

Gal Zuta

Gal Meets World

Active since: 2018

Who said that short and spontaneous trips with the family can’t be fun? In my blog I enjoy sharing my experiences and tips of how to make the best out of these kind of trips, either as a romantic gateway with my husband or a family trip with the kids. I also share useful guides for a successful and stress free trip and familiarize my readers with great travel accessories. I love audio and video, so in my blog you can find podcast series and a new video channel known as “Gal Meets World TV”.

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I am...

I am a mom, lawyer by profession, I work for a travel startup and I am a real travel lover. I enjoy being both behind and in front of the camera and my winter passion is snowboarding and skiing.

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I write about

I film and write especially about short trips; both romantic couple getaways and family trips with the kids. I also share helpful guides for a successful and stress free trip.

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My Audience

My readers are couples, single travelers and families. Also, I have a Facebook group for women who love to travel.

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