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hahofesh letayel

By Galit Ben Shmuel

hahofesh letayel

By Galit Ben Shmuel

Galit Ben Shmuel

hahofesh letayel

Active since: 2019

Welcome to my blog – hahofesh letayel, which means – the freedom to travel, where I share my experiences and knowledge to help you travel smoothly and explore Europe. The blog is about family travelers in all versions – traveling with kids or as a couple, with a friend or as a solo traveler. The posts include guides, tips, links, useful information, and inspiration to assist independent travelers to plan their trip to Europe.

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I am...

Mother of three, who made my passion for traveling my day job. As a photographer, I'm always behind the camera, exploring the world from my special point of view.

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I write about

I write about my traveling in Europe, my experiences, and the hidden places I found on the way. My goal is to assist travelers with guides, tips, and ideas for traveling in Europe.

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My Audience

families and couples who are looking for inspiration and useful information for there next family adventure in Europe and interesting in attractions, culture, and food.

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