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By Hila Levy


By Hila Levy

Hila Levy


Active since: 2016

“Overseas Included” – is a World Travel Blog, run by Hila Levy, a librarian who likes to plan personal trips for the independent traveler, considering his needs, loves, and of course the budget …

The purpose of this blog is to upload, for the benefit of anyone who loves to see the world, travel plans, recommendations on places of interest in the world, tips on building a itinerary, guidance on how to find equal deals, airline tickets, discounted hotels, and more

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I am...

I am Hila Levi, a librarian in my profession, I am married and mother of 3 children. I am here to share with you my authentic experiences and also to plan successful trips

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I write about

My blog focuses on different itineraries, especially in nature. Focusing on tips, recommendations and practical advice.

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My Audience

Couples and families with children Who travel mostly independently

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