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By Ohad Shaked


By Ohad Shaked

Ohad Shaked


Active since: 2011

We started as a small travel blog, and after 9 years we developed into one of the largest tourist information websites in Hebrew.

The list of destinations we currently specialize in: Spain, Italy, Czech Republic (Prague), England (London) France (Paris), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Thailand, China and India.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

I am...

I am a lecturer and researcher in the field of digital marketing, and specialize in tourism marketing. "Hakolal" is one of my life's work.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

I write about

Our expertise is to help the Israeli tourist plan his vacation, from the moment he chooses a destination until he returns home.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

My Audience

Israeli free Independent tourist, age: 26-55, Socioeconomic status: middle-class, free profession, Travel outside of Israel between 0.5 and 3 times a year.

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