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By noa carmon


By noa carmon

noa carmon


Active since: 2019

Ever since i can remember I have loved traveling. In the past few years i have been traveling a lot, mostly to Europe, with my spouse, my children, or extended family. For the last two years i started my own business: planing custom-made trips for families, individuals, and small groups. My blog was born from my love and passion for traveling.
I enjoy exploring new destinations and cultures, meeting new people and sharing my experiences with others.

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I am...

i'm a dreamer and a traveler. happily married with three charming kids. love writing and and photography, urban vacations, nature and beautiful views

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I write about

I write about my experiences: family vacations with focus on nature, hiking and attractions, Romantic getaways, Urban vacations, culinary and street art.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

My Audience

My readers are families and individuals who are looking for traveling recommendations and tips, both nature and city breaks

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