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Roa Olam

By Michal Manor

Roa Olam

By Michal Manor

Michal Manor

Roa Olam

Active since: 2013

Roa Olam is a leading travel blog & magazine in Israel, that specializes in introducing new destinations to the Israeli audience. The magazine is aimed at a target audience interested in travel with a focus on design, architecture, street art, lifestyle, culinary, culture, art, family vacations and more.Many of it’s readers have kids so there are plenty of posts dedicated to traveling with kids and teens.I also write articles about travel for the national Israeli media.

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I am...

I'm a travel writer, journalist & the manager of the travel bloggers community in Israel and co-manager of a Facebook Travel group of 18,000 members.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

I write about

urban, lifestyle, kids, teens, street art, culinary, architecture, cafes, hidden gems

Israeli Travel Bloggers

My Audience

My readres are Families, Couples, Women travel solo, ages 30-55+

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