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samti-lev – slow travel and local culture

By Ziva Raanan

samti-lev – slow travel and local culture

By Ziva Raanan

Ziva Raanan

samti-lev – slow travel and local culture

Active since: 2015

Samti-lev is a valued blog in the Israeli travel blogs scene with an emphasis on art, local culture and sustainability. The name “samti-lev” is an expression in Hebrew. The meaning is attention to details and the verbal meaning is to put the heart. At first, my goals were to tell about my travels, to develop a personal voice in writing and to write about Meaningful and valuable topics. Today there is also a targeted niche: travels by public transport.

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I am...

a mother of daughters who have already left the nest. I worked many years in education. I like to travel slowly, walk in an alley or a side path and find interesting stories.

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I write about

art and traditional crafts, local customs and culture, sustainability and public transport, cities and nature. Sometome I write about hospitality experiences in guesthouses and family businesses.

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My Audience

like to read topics beyond the basic description of the trip. Surprisingly, statistics show that my readers are divided evenly across all ages. Some of them are travelers who don't rent a car.

Places I covered

Available collabs.

Travel Type

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