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Sugar Travels

By Reut Sugar

Sugar Travels

By Reut Sugar

Reut Sugar

Sugar Travels

Active since: 2018

Looking for a significant trip in which you learn about the place, its culture, language, and costumes?
Sugar Travels specializes in destinations in Latin America, South East Asia, and the middle-east. Through my travel guides, you can dive deep into the places you wish to explore. You will learn that favela tours in Brazil might have a darker side or that in Sri Lanka you have a Dutch town by the name of Galle. You will come to know some of the things that shape the mentality of the locals.

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I am...

Reut Sugar, a dreamer, a traveler and a planner. I speak Portuguese and Spanish and use it to explore better the destinations I visit.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

I write about

exotic destinations in Latin America and South-East Asia as well as my home country of Israel. The blog also offers hotel reviews as well as guides to vegan restaurants.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

My Audience

is young fox looking for unique destinations. They are solo travellers with a higher budget or couples looking for a fun getaway with affordable yet comfortable accommodations.

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