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The Laughing Traveller

By Eran Breiman

The Laughing Traveller

By Eran Breiman

Eran Breiman

The Laughing Traveller

Active since: 2015

The Laughing Traveller is a soft adventure travel blog. It’s the place where I describe my experiences (in Hebrew and English) from trips around the world. This includes short road trips, day hikes and animal encounters. The blog is very authentic and rich in pictures.

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I am...

An Israeli travel blogger always seeking new adventures! When I travel I like to look for unique and wild destinations where the nature is in its prime.

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I write about

I love to push myself to the edge and reach unique spots where I can feel nature at its best. I write about my experiences during the trip

Israeli Travel Bloggers

My Audience

Are independent travelers, solo or couples, looking for unfamiliar places. They range from their late 20's to the 60's, both men and women.

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