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Travel with Sheila

By Sheila Baron

Travel with Sheila

By Sheila Baron

Sheila Baron

Travel with Sheila

Active since: 2018

Welcome to my world. My Blog will inspire you with endless ideas & will give you great tips. There is a unique experience no matter where you are, My journey never ends and there is always something new to discover. In the Blog, you will find posts about lifestyle, family vacations, surf vacations, nature, art, design and everything which is beautiful in my eyes.

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I am...

I'm 43 been traveling all my life to more than 50 countries. I travel with my family and friends, love to design special vacations & discover new places around the world.

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I write about

My blog is all about traveling in style focuses on art and design and nature. No matter which destination I travel to.

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My Audience

I write to people who like to travel off the beaten track. Who love to combine art, design and food in their journey. All destinations are welcome.

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