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Travelling away from home

By Ilana Bar

Travelling away from home

By Ilana Bar

Ilana Bar

Travelling away from home

Active since: 2017

“Travelling away from home” is a personal travel blog owned by Ilana Bar.
The blog has a vast archive of travel stories from various destinations, in Israel & around the world. The blog describe both known & unknown hiking trails, desert treks, solo backpacking, urban journeys, street art & art journals.

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I am...

I'm a solo traveler that travel is her deepest desire. Exploring the world around me, seeking for adventures, capturing the beauty I witness with my camera & sharing it with my audience.

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I write about

I write about my personal experience while travelling & bring my own point of view while exploring any destination. I cover topics such as nature, art, wanderlust, hiking.

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My Audience

I write for people who love travelling by themselves & can find my journeys inspiring. I write for nature & art lovers and for whoever is interested in seeing the beauty around us.

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