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How We Put Gdansk on the Israeli Tourism Map

Israeli travel bloggers and influencers in Gdansk

Media trip to Gdansk, Poland

In May of 2018, five Israeli bloggers (myself included) were invited by The Pomorskie Tourist Board and Ryanair Airlines (which at the time, started to run direct flights from Tel Aviv to Gdansk airport) to join a media tour of the city of Gdansk.

The purpose of this custom-made trip was to introduce Gdansk and the Pomeranian region to Israeli travelers, based on their increasing interest in visiting Poland.

Until then, Israelis traveled mainly to Warsaw and Krakow, and the tourist board wanted to present some more appealing options.

I helped Pomorskie Tourist Board to find the right bloggers and assisted them with the itinerary.

On the first day of the tour, each blogger was given a different program to follow, tailored exactly to their unique tourism interests. The next day, we traveled together, to enable us to write relevant posts that would meet our target audience’s needs.

 Israeli travel bloggers and influencers in Gdansk

The media tour was a tremendous success:

All in all, ten blog posts and four articles were written by the all of us These posts and articles were published online and in print and promoted the Pomeranian Region as an ideal region for family trips, and the city of Gdansk as an attractive destination – full of history, culture, culinary, shopping, good hotels and more.

The blog posts and the recommendations achieved their desired affect: Many Israelis decided to visit this region. To bank upon this affect, we joined together once more, several months later, to collaborate with Miasto Gdańskl and Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski to produce a photography exhibition based on our experiences touring Gdansk.

So, are you ready to visit Gdansk?

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