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Collaborations in the Tourism Industry Conference

influencers marketing

Collaborations between content creators, influencers, PR experts and marketing managers.

Influencer marketing is very popular in the world of public relations and marketing and in the world of tourism in particular.

Influencers, along with talented content creators, are selected to market products and services in the field of tourism (hotel, destinations, tours, products, etc.) through blogs, Instagram, Facebook groups, YouTube Tik Tok and more.

But how do you know who to work with? And based on what criteria? What are the expectations and requirements from each side? How do you close a mutual contract, how do you define the success of a campaign and what ethical questions may arise during the joint work?

The first, unique conference of its kind addressed these and other issues in January 2020, just before Covid.

The conference included three sessions during which leading content creators, public relations and marketing people took part.

The conference was hosted by: 

  • Talia Klein Perez, manager of the Traveling Overseas with Kids Facebook community and of the accompanying magazine, a lecturer at Ariel University on digital content development and community management and consultant to organizations on working with influencers 
  • Michal Manor, journalist and owner of Roa Olam magazine, director of the Israeli Travel Bloggers community 
  • Ella KenanInstagrammer and blogger, owner of a digital marketing company.

The conference, which was a great success, was held in Tel Aviv and was attended by nearly 200 people – content creators, public relations experts and managers of senior tourism brands.

Among the many speakers at the conference: Yifat Zellinger – Marketing Manager, Lufthansa Israel Group, Ziv Rosen, CEO of Gulliver Tourism, Tali Tenenbaum – VP of Marketing and Communications, the Hotels Association and many more.

The conference was part of a series of conferences that connect Israeli bloggers and content creators in the field of tourism with tourism bodies in Israel and around the world. It was preceded by a conference that connected bloggers with academia – a conference held in June 2019 at the University of Haifa and again in June 2021 in Haifa (in collaboration with Professor Yoel Mansfeld and blogger Einat Hershko).

In May 2022, the second collaboration conference will be held, which will be produced again by Talia Klein Perez and Michal Ben-Ari Manor.

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