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How to Make Israelis Familiar with a New Hotel in Bucharest

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A collaboration with Concord Hotel, a new hotel in the heart of Bucharest’s Old City


Bucharest is one of the most preferred destinations for Israeli travelers, but, in recent years, its image has become synonymous with a gambler’s and bachelor party hotspot.

In order to obtain a slightly “different” image of Bucharest that is suitable for other audiences as well, I was invited to the Concord Hotel, a new hotel in the heart of Bucharest’s Old City and one that has no casino – free of charge. The fact that there is no casino in the hotel may distance some potential hotel guests, but on the other hand, serves as an immense advantage for Israeli tourists searching for quiet and tranquility in the evenings, after spending all day seeing the sites of Romania, like they would any other classic European destination.

My stay at the hotel (April 2018) was exceptional – its location was superb, everything inside of it is new, and the breakfast was one of the best hotel breakfasts I’d eaten in a very long time. The hotel’s staff helped me hail cabs and reserve tables at nearby restaurants, and made (amazing) recommendations regarding local dessert options.

My post on Bucharest on the “Masof Carmelit” blog quickly became one of my most highly read pieces. The owner of the hotel, who I continue to be in contact with to this day, continues to tell me about those guests who arrive at his hotel after reading my article on Google and being instantly moved to choose his hotel. Several of my followers every personally reported to me that they vacationed at the Concord Hotel and had a wonderful time. To sum – you can definitely have a great time in Bucharest, even if you’re not seeking to gamble and cause a ruckus.

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