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How to reach Israeli customers who travel in Prague

How to reach Israeli customers who travel in Prague - HAKOLAL

Hakolal and Fashion Arena Mall Collaboration

Fashion Arena is an Outlet mall situated outside the city center of Prague, that is interested in reaching Israeli tourists, who are looking for a shopping experience and can benefit from different promotions.

Fashion Arena understands that the Israeli tourist is one of the most value-added customers they have. So they asked for the help of Hakolal website, to reach potential Israeli customers in the digital platforms.

Prague is one of the most popular destinations for Israeli tourists and is very popular among Hakolal website users as well.

During 2019 Hakolal had 579,378 views on Prague pages, with a total of 278,941 unique users. Before Fashion Arena Mall contacted us, we already had on our website,, several review pages for shopping malls in Prague, as well as a review page for Fashion Arena Mall.

After starting this cooperation we integrated an ad for Fashion Arena in all pages related to Prague starting December 12th. This ad had exposure to 16,263 users in only 19 days, with close to 70 clicks.

How to reach Israeli customers who travel in Prague - HAKOLAL
The ad in Hebrew for Fashion Arena mall, by HAKOLAL website


Nonetheless, we are talking about the winter period, which is not a very popular season for Israelis to travel to Prague. The predictions for spring and summertime are at least double.

The review page was promoted to be the first on the list of “Recommended places for Shopping in Prague”, and had 1,445 views in the past month.

Fashion Arena offers were also published on one of our promoted pages “Recommendations and discounts for travelers to Prague”, that had 3,000 views in the past 6 months.

Another platform we used to promote Fashion Arena was our Facebook groups. We published one post about deals in Fashion Arena Mall every month. In this post, we promote the current deal in the mall, as well as the review page of the mall.

We are all proud of this partnership, and we wish to have more collaboration like this one. We believe that in this manner we can expose our users to wonderful parts of their vacation destination.


Ohad Shaked (Ph.D.), is a lecturer and researcher in the field of digital marketing, who specializes in tourism marketing. Ohad is the owner and the editor of “”. Photo by jeshoots Pexels.

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