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Introducing a well-known location to a new audience – Warsaw with kids

The traveling family fell in love with Warsaw


While Warsaw has been increasing in popularity among Israeli travelers, most tourists are either couples or young visitors who enjoy inexpensive shopping. As the manager of a community of over 40,000 parents who travel overseas with children, I was invited by the “Fall in Love with Warsaw,” their local tourism board, to experience Warsaw through the eyes of my children.


Although my family is well-traveled, we never would have considered Warsaw as a family destination, so this trip was eye-opening for us and for numerous other families. Other than the detailed blog post that I wrote, including all relevant information about our trip, the tourism board asked to create a video of our trip – one that garnered over a quarter of a million views within weeks of its publication.


The results of this collaboration were very quick to roll in – within weeks, community members reported that they were traveling to Warsaw with their families because of the post and video. Some even posted their own itineraries and tips when they returned.


While my family only traveled for 5 days, one of the points of my post was to also show that there is plenty to do in Warsaw for a week – the minimum time that most Israeli families travel. Additionally, it’s a great starting point for longer trips and can be combined with the Mazury Lakes, which can further increase tourism to Poland itself as a country, and not just Warsaw.


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