About Us

We are a group of Israeli travel bloggers who love to tour the world, take in the sights, and share our wanderlust and findings with readers in Israel.

Our travels have taken us near and far, during which we’ve connected with diverse and engaged audiences and have helped many Israeli travelers connect with global destinations and services they otherwise would never have heard of.

Michal Manor is the manager of the travel bloggers community in Israel and the editor of this site.

Michal is a journalist and the owner of Roa Olam.

Roa Olam is a leading travel blog & magazine in Israel that specializes in introducing interesting destinations to the Israeli audience.

Michal also helps tourism boards and tourism companies to organize bloggers trips and to choose the right influencers for each campaign.

If you need any help to choose the right bloggers you can contact Michal:

[email protected]

Our bloggers write to a wide range of travelers in Israel

solo travelers



Religious travelers



Adult tours

Spiritual seekers

extreme lovers

and many more

And in our blogs, they cover the trendiest locations, as well as the world’s hidden travel gems, such as:

  • Bondi Beach in Australia
  • Rugged Safaris in Africa
  • Stunning temples in Asia
  • Mountain resorts in America
  • Artist districts in Europe

And much, much more.

Thousands of Israelis are planning their next trip right now. Do you want them to hear about you?

If you’re looking to gain unprecedented exposure to the Israeli traveler audience and bring more Israelis to your destination or service, you’re in luck. We have much to offer you – come collaborate with us!

Over the years, we’ve forged significant ties with major travel industry players – and we can’t wait to expand our connections to you:

  • Tourism boards – Small and large, in big cities and remote regions
  • Airlines – Legacy and low-cost, to meet your target audience’s custom travel needs
  • Local hospitality businesses – Hotels, B&Bs, tour guides and rental companies
  • Brands – Companies on a mission to ensure their products are worth traveling with 
  • Leading bloggers covering a wide variety of industries and fields – To get you on the map!

…So we can get you in front of Israeli audiences.

Previous Collaborations

Members of the Israeli Travel Bloggers group have collaborated with tourism boards, tour operators, hotels, restaurants and local attractions.

Contact us to build a custom made collaboration fit to your budget and preferred audience.