Amsterdam Experience with a Local Photographer

By Inbal Tur-Shalom

Amsterdam Experience with a Local Photographer

By Inbal Tur-Shalom

Inbal Tur-Shalom

Amsterdam Experience with a Local Photographer

Active since: 2016

My blog provides practical information, travel advice and recommendations, as well as photography tips to the independent traveler mainly in Amsterdam.

I’m a professional photographer, tour guide, content writer for my blog and for online newspapers as Haaretz, I also write about other destinations, travel planner and travel speaker. I live in Amsterdam and I write in Hebrew and English.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

I am...

I love telling stories and explaining things; visible and invisible, under-layers of this fascinating country.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

I write about

I share my knowledge that I gained as a local, as a tour guide and as an immigrant. I focus on practicalities as well as culture, art, architecture, history, culinary, special events and such.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

My Audience

My readers are mainly independent travelers, with medium to high budget, that plan well and in advance, who are interested in the subjects that my blog focuses on.

Blog highlights & achievements

  • I got an email from a reader that following my article in Haaretz, he and his party changed their travel plans and included Mechelen in their travel.
  • I updated the Amsterdam articles series for Mako.
  • The blog exists 4 years :-)

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