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By Orit Matza


By Orit Matza

Orit Matza


Active since: 2017

Don’t ask about it’s name;Don’t wonder about it’s nature.The way lives by itself;
If you want to join my quest in the ways leading to Japan with all it’s greatness, adventures and trails leave yourself behind and walk on the way empty handed. who knows what shall you find.

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I am...

I'm Orit ,a Japanologist. I love to travel, enjoy meeting with life, asking questions, discover and learn. walking on Japan trails, nature and urban cities helps me figure out what life is all about

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I write about

I write about personal adventures, nature trails. cities, culture,food , tastes,and history . using all my senses while making it accessible for all my readers. You can actually feel it.

Israeli Travel Bloggers

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My readers have to be curious, regardless of age, sex and religion.

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