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Metaylim b’Kipa

By Adi Weits

Metaylim b’Kipa

By Adi Weits

Adi Weits

Metaylim b’Kipa

Active since: 2016

Metaylim b’Kipa has useful, reliable and updated information for Jewish religious travelers, with an understanding of the unique needs of this traveling population.
“Metaylim b’Kipa” is a platform that provides solutions for Jewish travelers around the world.
It includes an information site, travel blog and digital products like guides and maps.

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I am...

Travel blogger from Israel, married and mother of four. My family fond of travel, and also religious, a fact that makes it a bit challenging to travel abroad.

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I write about

Jewish heritage sites - synagogues, Jewish museums, Jewish cemeteries etc'. Nature sites - suitable for multi-age family trips. Attractions for kids.

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My Audience

"Metaylim b'Kipa" addresses an audience of Jewish travelers. This audience is composed mainly of couples & large families (an average religious Jewish family has four children).

Places I covered

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Travel Type

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