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Rahel Lavon – Colombosit

By Rahel Lavon

Rahel Lavon – Colombosit

By Rahel Lavon

Rahel Lavon

Rahel Lavon – Colombosit

Active since: 2008

On my blog you will find useful information of many destinations around the world and Israel. I write about special birds, animals, huge waterfalls ,volcanic craters, tribes with special traditions. You’ll find details about celebrations in many countries and inspiration to your travel. I’m proud of some posts I published apart of Tourism: Alerting people from feeding birds, geese and ducks with bread and unhealthy food. Preventing the Dead Sea to die and the Holocaust testimonies from Jews.

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I am...

I worked for many years at an Insurance agency company. My hobby is to plan and write about my travels, To publish the pictures I photographed at each destination and give tips to others .

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I write about

My blog appeals to those that preffer nature off the beaten path. Also, historical cities, special hotels and restaurants. My blog puts attension also to organized trips.

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My Audience

Couples that like my special destinations, My tips and the schedule of the travels I did. It's suitable for persons that love art and street art ,and those that have passion to nature.

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