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My Path in the World

By Or Amir

My Path in the World

By Or Amir

Or Amir

My Path in the World

Active since: 2018

Traveling is not about ticking items off a bucket list but about experiencing each destination to the fullest. Join me as I’m trying to make the most of every destination and trip in Europe and beyond.

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I am...

I'm passionate about traveling in Spain and Europe in general. I love wandering freely and getting lost instead of only going sightseeing.

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I write about

I write about any type of vacation as long as it includes hidden gems and unique alternative experiences. Whether it's a city break or a road trip, I'm always searching for 'beyond the obvious'.

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My Audience

My readers are mainly females in their twenties and thirties from the US, Spain, and the UK looking for information about European destinations.

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