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Jangwa Traveling Blog

By Avia Salomon

Jangwa Traveling Blog

By Avia Salomon

Avia Salomon

Jangwa Traveling Blog

Active since: 2018

Jangwa traveling blog is a blog for backpackers that wants to explore some unique destinations around the world.
The blog focuses on a low budget way of traveling, on the connection to the local communities out there, and in a respectable connection to the nature we have.

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I am...

I like to travel solo with a backpack on my back and explore new adventures places.

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I write about

I write mostly about traveling in nature, about meeting new cultures and exploring less touristic destinations as a backpacker.

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My Audience

My readers are mainly backpackers, adventurers, and people who likes to get inspired :)

Places I covered

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