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By Rachel Lavi Dagan


By Rachel Lavi Dagan

Rachel Lavi Dagan


Active since: 2017

Raqatiq is a blogazine which discovers the world of the Netherlands’ hidden treasures. Read more about travelling to (un)known places, design, architecture and life in the Netherlands. The majority of the posts are written and photographed by me, but other bloggers are given the opportunity to share stories as well. Lovers of travel that want to discover hidden places, learn about Dutch heritage and stay away from the big cities will experience Raqatiq as their go-to online destination.

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I am...

I was searching for a new challenge after having lived in the Netherlands for over a decade, and so I started traveling, writing and taking photo’s

Israeli Travel Bloggers

I write about

I love to explore the hidden treasures in the Netherlands; to find the story behind an ancient city, a lovely pathway or a characteristic building. I focus on architecture, design, culture and history

Israeli Travel Bloggers

My Audience

I write for those who seek to see the undiscovered Netherlands, to get to know the secrets of it's culture. My audience is mainly women at the ages of 35-65 who love travel, architecture and aesthetic

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