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Putting the spotlight on Akko – Highlighting off-the-beaten-path destinations in Israel

Putting the spotlight on Akko – Highlighting off-the-beaten-path destinations in Israel

Akko is a relatively unknown tourist destination in Israel though it’s a true hidden gem. Although many tourists visit Israel every year, not many visit Akko, even though it’s a short train ride from Tel Aviv and it has so much to offer.

Following a chance encounter with Michal Shiloah Galnoor, Managing Director at Western Galilee Now, at their information center in Akko, we’ve decided to put the spotlight on Akko. We were invited to a guided tour of Akko’s old town by Akko’s municipality to see the main attractions in the area and learn about Akko’s history. We also contacted a few hotels and restaurants that were happy to collaborate with us.

During our guided tour, we’ve learned so much about the history of Akko and its unique tourist sites. In addition, we’ve visited local shops, bakeries, a local stone sculptor and the best viewpoints around the old town. Strolling around Akko’s winding alleys and historical monuments with a knowledgeable guide who told us anecdotes about the city, helped us appreciate the importance of Akko and its unique charm even more.

Since we wanted to highlight some of Akko’s other attractions and not just its historical sites, we’ve also visited a few unique hotels and restaurants in the old city. Other than falling in love with Akko and gaining a few more pounds, we’ve written three articles. Our first article was about Akko’s attractions and history. The second article highlighted unique accommodation choices, from a luxury hotel to an unusual apartment. Our last article took our readers on a culinary journey through Akko’s family-owned bakeries and included simple and gourmet restaurants.

All of our Akko articles rank at the top of Google’s search results for different keywords, and we always get amazing reactions and many questions about Akko from our readers. Thanks to a successful collaboration, we got very familiar with Akko’s best attractions, foodie scene and various accommodation options and could really capture the unique atmosphere of the city.

These kinds of collaborations are always beneficial to both parties. When we fall in love with a destination, may it be a city, a hotel or a unique culture, we make our readers fall in love with it as well. Adding to the mix some SEO skills and social media reach, combined with the growing interest in off-the-beaten-path destinations, ensures our Akko collaborators are only going to gain more exposure in the future.


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