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Five Israeli Bloggers explored & promoted Vilnius

Collaboration between Go Vilnius and Israeli Travel Bloggers


Go Vilnius is the official development agency for the city of Vilnius. They provides visitors, investors, relocating talent, entrepreneurs and businesses with everything they need to know about the city.

They also are organising fam tours, promoting the city to the travel trade and media.


On April 2019, I planned a bloggers tour to Vilnius, together with Go Vilnius and

The joint work included selecting the bloggers and co-planning of the itinerary according tothe  bloggers’ interests.


Five Israeli bloggers (myself included) were sent to Lithuania to explore Vilnius.

It was a diverse group, composed of 3 travel bloggers, one food blogger and one well-known Instagrammer.

We were in Vilnius 3 days, during them, we traveled around town, learned about its past and present, tasted modern and traditional food and heard the story of Vilnius’ Jewish community.


The purpose of this tour was to introduce Vilnius to Israeli travelers, either for root trips or for a family or urban vacations.

After the Bloggers trip, each one of us published posts on our blogs or articles in the Israeli press. You can read some of the posts by clicking on this link.


travel bloggers in Vilnius


I asked Gintare Kavaliunaite‎‏, Public Relations Manager‎ at Go Vilnius, a couple of questions regarding our visit:


Why did you choose to work with bloggers and what are the differences between bloggers to journalists?


While promoting tourism to Vilnius, we balance working with both journalists and bloggers, we think that both types of media are important. Traditional media helps reach wider audiences, while popular bloggers help to reach smaller, but more targeted audience – usually people who are specifically interested in travel and who trust the authors that they follow.


What do you think about the composition of the Israeli group?


I think it was a good choice to cooperate with a diverse group of Israeli bloggers. Some authors focused on family travel, some on food, others on fashion and shopping – in this way we got coverage for Vilnius as a destination from different perspectives, for different audiences. It was a great collaboration.




Michal Manor is the Owner of Roa Olam – which experizes in family and urban vacations.


travel bloggers in Vilnius


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