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Travel Memories & Covid-19 Solidarity

During the Coronavirus crisis, Tourism is being hit, all flights are grounded, borders are closed and people are told to #StayHome

We, the Israeli Travel bloggers, are longing to travel again, but until we can fly again, we occupy ourselves with creative projects.

In this venture, which was inspired by a Design school project, we have chosen to express solidarity with countries in the world that were fighting the Covid-19.

Each one of us chose a country s/he misses and created a picture of it from objects belonging to that country.

The results are marvelous, you can judge by yourself.

Or Amir - Spain

Or Amir - Spain

Or Amir expresses her endless love for Spain by showcasing a small part of her Spanish souvenir collection.

Or’s Blog

Galit Ben Shmuel - Poland

Galit Ben Shmuel - Poland

Galit Ben Shmuel combines polish traditions from home with traveling in Poland, which is a rising star as a european travel destination.

Galit’s Blog

Noa Barness - Portugal

Noa Barness - Portugal

Noa Barness chose to present the area of south Portugal, with its traditional crafts made of palm leaves, products made of oak, traditional ceramics and of course the fish and rooster that became the trademarks of Portugal.

Noa’s Blog 

Myanmar Mom Travels Solo

Niri Shaul - Burma

“The silence and modesty, along with the intriguing culture of Myanmar, captivated my heart. I stood by the Burmese artist as he painted these pictures, and ever since, they have been with me, all these years, reminding me of the beauty of this country”.

Niri’s Blog

Michal Manor - Netherlands

Michal Manor, chose to express her love for urban travel by “building” a Dutch city, divided by a bridge to traditional and Old Dutch vs. modern and New Dutch.

Michal’s Blog

Meirav talmor-kashi - Rockies

Meirav Talmor-Kashi - The Canadian Rockies

“One of my dreams , as an expert travel consultant, was to plan an Rv family trip to the Canadian Rockies. In these difficult times, I appreciate my memories,  and the small gifts that we brought from Canada, with bears, mooses, trees and lakes, adventures, nature and a lot of happy and peaceful moments. .”

Meirav’s Blog

Dana Lev - Romania

Dana Lev lives in Romania – The land of Dracula, Brown Bears and the Plowshares. At the foot of the Carpathian mountains, villagers live from traditional farming, embroidery, engraving, and ancient crafts. 

 Dana’s Blog

Iris svinik carasso - Japan

Iris Svinik Carasso - Japan

Iris Svinik Carasso traveled to Japan with teenagers.  she chose to express old and new in Japan. From Kyoto’s temples and kimonos to the lights, Pokemon and Manga of Akihabara in Tokyo.

Iris’s Blog

ציפי פריז

Tsipi Levin - Paris

“From the moment I arrived in Paris I fell in love, I felt like a French woman.

I learned about Paris ,I ate her food and I miss going back her.”

Tsipi’s Blog

Ziva Raanan - Greece

“With great respect for the traditions of Greece, the artisans, the music and the creative spirit I found in this country”.

Ziva’s Blog

Ravit Chavshush - Sardinia

“Sardinia – a shepherd’s island that remains out of time and history. It’s all about carnivals, bandits gangs, and secrets to the world’s highest longevity”.

Ravit’s Blog

galit Munich

Galit Weinberg - Munich

Galit Weinberg chose to showcase her connection to her home in the past 8 years and to show solidarity for the Oktoberfest celebrations that were cancelled this year. Prost! 

Galit’s Blog

Rachel Lavi Dagan - Netherlands

Rachel Lavi Dagan - Netherlands

Through her love for vintage and antique, Rachel has learned the true story of the Netherlands. And as dedicated as she is, she keeps seeking unknown places off the beaten track to recommend.

Rachel’s Blog

yanina Iceland

Yanina Zaslavsky - Iceland

Yanina Zaslavsky chose Iceland, the last she visited 3 times with her family. Although rugged and rough country, Yanina feels this is her spiritual home.

Yanina’s Blog

Adi Noya Ben Ezer

Adi Ben Ezer -Zanzibar

Adi Ben Ezer, expresses here wanderlust for sunshine, tropical beaches and turquise water, specifically of Zanzibar Island. She showcases a photo she took of Nungwi Beach, Masai Jewelary and locally grown spices from an agricultural cooperative. 

Adi’s Blog


Tamari Slonim Libes - Ireland

“Ireland for me is love from first sight. the verse “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” was written about Ireland. Pristine, breathtaking landscape – the cliffs, the raging sea, the sandy beaches, the grass – roaring green, satiated with the abundance of rainfall.  There is something about Ireland  for me that makes it unlike everywhere else…”.

Tamari’s Blog


Vicky Gurstein - Mexico

Can you miss a place you have never been there? Apparently yes! Vicky Gurstein is waiting to see you Mexico.

Vicky’s Blog

Tair Pe'er - Italy

Tair Pe'er - Italy

Tair pe’er Inspired by Italy.
‘Passione per la vita’

Tair’s Blog

Rivka Kofler - Austria

Rivka Kofler - Austria

Rivka kofler chose to express her yearning to Austria, a country of dramatic views, high mountains, beautiful lakes, scenic roads, big cities and picturesque villages represented by colored sticky memo notes that form the map of all states of Austria that she visited in her Various trips.

Rivka’s Blog

Anat Glantz - Greece

Anat Glantz remembers her love to traveling and taking walks between greek villages on the mountains. Misses going at the end of the day to a small Taverna on the beach, and having a nice glass of wine.

Anat’s Blog

Gal Zuta - Lapland

Gal Zuta - Lapland

“Memories from our magical winter family trip to the beautiful and very very cold Lapland,  where snow, ski, raindeers, northern lights and even santa clause, make dreams come true”

Gal’s Blog

tamar lipszyc - Thailand

Tamar Lipszyc - Thailand

“If there is a country I would choose to be a quarantine – then it is Thailand”

Tamar’s Blog

tali koren

Tali Koren - Loire Valle

Tali Koren chose to express her love for France and especially the Loire Valley. The Loire Valley is a combination of culture, nature, attractions and gourmet food. 

This combination promotes a quality and indulgent trip.

Tali’s Blog

Eran Breiman - Canada

Eran Breiman chose Canada because this is the ultimate destination when thinking about nature and wildlife tourism.

Eran’s Blog


Shirli Tocker - Scotland

Shirli Tocker has a collection of souvenirs from Scotland – the enchanted land. “My collection reminds me the sights, smells and tastes of Scotland’s fascinating nature and history”.

Shirli’s Blog


Sheila Baron - Panama

Sheila Baron brings her love to tropical countries with wild nature and great memories from Panama that is a must-visit detestation.

Sheila’s Blog


Shirley Zeplovitch - Hawai’i

Pristine beaches, tropical jungle, fiery volcanos, an ancient culture of surfer warriors and the Aloha spirit. This is Hawai’i as presented by Shirley Zeplovitch.

Shirley’s Blog

Gili Mazza - Copenhagen

Gili Mazza chose Copenhagen with typical items as:ducks; local horses;candles and books that are part of the famouse way of life known as “HYGGE”. a backpack  and a pouch; from the Danish brand “Rain” is waterproof and usefull  for trips

Gili’s Blog

central england

Ifat Angel - Central England

Ifat Angel chose Central England. Inhabited since year 1000. The magic land offers lots of stories and tells.

The magic place of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Wordswhorth and more.  Let your imagination play…

Ifat’s Blog

Romi Around

Romi Nicole Schneider - Cornwall, UK

Romi Nicole Schneider expressing her love for Cornwall, UK,  where she traveled to many times and met her husband. Represented with a collection of items and photos she kept throughout the years.

Romi’s Blog

osnat zagreb

Osnat Broshi-Chen - Zagreb

Osnat Broshi-Chen, expresses her deep conection and appreciation of Croatia and its capital, Zagreb. The beauty of the country and its proud people along with the pleasant charm of Zagreb make it a must see slow-tourism destination. 

Osnat’s Blog

noa Paris

Noa Carmon - Paris

“Paris  is a Dream for me. It is passion, it is love. I feel at home when ever I visit this beautiful, romantic city. I love everything about her. It is a magical place for me”.

Noa’s Blog

Arbel Rabi - New York

Arbel Rabi Chose to express her love to urban travel and picked the legendary city of New York by presenting all that is iconic in the greatest city – its buildings, the art and fashion, excellent musicals and TV shows.

Arbel’s Blog

Inbal Zack - Swiss

Inbal Zack - Swiss

Inbal chose to put some souvenirs I bought in the markets in Switzerland over the years, during my many visits to the country.

Inbal’s Blog


Shirley Shaked - Manchester

Shirley chose these items because they remind her of England. Since she lived for a time in Manchester, she traveled frequently in the north of England and around Manchester. She misses the daily little things like shopping groceries in Tesco, drinking coffee in “Costa”, the afternoon tea, and even the kids drive to school every day.

Shirley’s Blog

Avia Solomon - Africa

Avia Solomon - Africa

Ayelet Gazit - England

amit Tenerif

Amit Idgar - Tenerife

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