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Travel bloggers from Israel cooperate with YNET, the biggest news and entertainment website in the Israeli media

Travel bloggers from Israel cooperate with YNET | Photo by: Meirav Talmor-Kashi

An article with recommendations about 25 destinations for 2020

It’s not a secret that Israeli travel bloggers travel a lot all over the globe. They write about places Israeli travelers are familiar with and destinations that are just starting to promote their tourism resources. From Europe, Asia, Central America, South Africa and many more interesting places that are likely to be the hottest next destinations for 2020.


Collaboration proposal

At the end of 2019, the Israeli travel bloggers community decided to cooperate and write together an article for the Israeli media, with travel recommendations for 2020.

As a professional in PR marketing and news Media, I took the initiative and reached out to the tourism editor at the most popular website in Israel – YNET.

I offered the editor an article about 25 destinations for the upcoming decade. Each destination to be written by one of our travel bloggers.

As soon as he gave me a confirmation, we started to collect the content for the article: 25 textual and visual items, by 25 different Israeli travel bloggers.

Michal Manor and I edited all the parts to one amazing article. It was unique and professional cooperation between all of us in the travel community.


Travel bloggers collaboration outcomes

The travel section editor was very pleased with the professional article and with us meeting deadlines. On December 25, 2019, the article was on air and reached thousands of readers all over the country. As travel bloggers, we also shared the article on our social media channels, which increased the exposure immediately.

As a result of this cooperation, I’m sure we will have more articles in the Israeli media and newspapers. Our goal is to share our knowledge with as many people as we can. This way, we can create a win-win situation for the readers, the media and us – Israel bloggers. The subjects for cooperation articles can vary from local or global news to yearly seasons, special holidays, festivals, events, etc.

I hope you will enjoy reading the article and find some lovely destinations you weren’t aware of, and add them to your bucket list.

About the author: Meirav Talmor-Kashi, travel consultant and travel writer, Dreams and voyages company. | Photo by: Meirav Talmor-Kashi

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