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Raising the awareness of Israeli tourists to destinations in Spain they haven’t heard about

Raising the awareness of Israeli tourists to destinations in Spain they haven’t heard about

Collaboration between Hakolal website with the tourist office of Spain

The tourist office of Spain addresses the Israeli tourists which are “free independent travelers” (FIT)  and wishes to provide them information about destinations in Spain that were previously not known to them. The idea is to reach Israeli tourists that arrive in Spain and familiarize them with places and attractions they haven’t been aware of yet.

The campaign included posts in targeted Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and an information page on Hakolal website that we created together with the tourism office.

The information pages suggested to Israeli tourists new destinations to visit by train from Barcelona or from Madrid for a single-day trip. The destinations described in those pages were the ones that the tourist office of Spain wanted to promote. These pages were written in 2017 and were quite successful. They reached hundreds of users each month, and have been read by thousands of Israeli tourists. We predict that they will be read by thousands more in the future.

Meanwhile, in one month we published on our Facebook pages, our Facebook groups and targeted groups of our partners 24 posts about several destinations and attractions in Spain that the tourism office wanted to promote. These posts included links that sent traffic to the aforementioned information pages, and to the website of Spain tourism office. The posts were read by thousands of users.

The collaboration between Hakolal website and the tourist office of Spain is still continuing these days, with different targets but very similar models.


Ohad Shaked (Ph.D.) is a lecturer and researcher in the field of Digital Marketing who specializes in Tourism Marketing. Ohad is the owner and editor of “”. Featured image by  M W from Pixabay

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